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Preventing Cavities While Wearing Braces

Preventing Cavities While Wearing Braces

Posted on February 28, 2020 by i-Orthodontics.

Dr. Anil Idiculla and his i-Orthodontics dream team work with you to ensure the success of your orthodontic treatment. Braces often cause some minor disruptions to patients’ normal oral hygiene habits. The bands, wires and brackets that come with braces are places where plaque and food debris will settle and need special care to eliminate.

The difficulty of keeping braces clean has been one of the common objections to braces for quite some time. Many patients are frustrated with the extra time it may take to precisely and thoroughly clean your teeth while wearing corrective braces. However, orthodontic technology and oral healthcare tools have advanced to make the process much less frustrating for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment with braces.

There are several things that you will be able to do to help keep your teeth cavity-free during your time wearing braces. This includes:

  • Toothbrushes and other dental hygiene products that are specially designed for use with braces
  • Avoiding foods that are overly sticky, sugary, or acidic. These can harm your tooth’s enamel.
  • Making regular dental appointments. You should visit the dentist more regularly while you have braces to ensure any new dental concerns are addressed promptly.

The advantages of braces are many: straight teeth, aligned jawline, healthy gums, and more. But at i-Orthodontics, we know the best orthodontic treatment results happen when patients are diligent about their oral health.  Caring for your teeth and gums during orthodontic treatment is critical – you wouldn’t want to get a cavity while you are trying to straighten your teeth, would you?

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