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Overcoming Orthodontic Concerns for Adults

Overcoming Orthodontic Concerns for Adults

Posted on January 28, 2020 by i-Orthodontics.

Many adults come to i-Orthodontics expecting to prevent crooked smiles for their kids and teenagers. But adults are no stranger to orthodontic care. At i-Orthodontics, we are proud to offer comprehensive orthodontic treatment for adults who are interested in revealing their brightest smile.

At i-Orthodontics, we talk to many adults who have been shying away from orthodontic treatment for a variety of reasons.  Some of the most common objections we hear at i-Ortho for adult patients needing smile correction are:

1: “It’s too late for me.” Many adults think they are too old to receive orthodontic treatment. This is an urban myth! You are never too old to receive the orthodontic treatment you need to live life smiling.

2: “I don’t have time.” The hustle and bustle of daily routines is a common obstacle for people who need orthodontic treatment. However, today’s orthodontic technology, from Invisalign to acceledent, has advanced significantly. Now, you spend less time at the orthodontist and more time enjoying your daily life.

3: “I’ll look immature.” This is one we hear almost daily. There are many adults who are fearful of the appearance of orthodontics. Brackets and wires are not always an option for adults in professional situations that depend on appearances. However, there are far more discreet options for patients wanting incognito orthodontic treatment.

4: “It’ll be harder to eat and brush.” Sure, your oral health routine will need to change during treatment to accommodate your orthodontics. However, your routine won’t be significantly impacted by orthodontic treatment.  In fact, treatments like Invisalign are even less obtuse and easier to deal with than traditional braces.

5: “It will affect my work.” Even with traditional braces, the old-school metal-mouth days are over.  Invisalign, lingual braces and other types of discreet, clear braces are almost undetectable to observers. Plus, your beautiful smile will bring happiness to those around you.

Adult orthodontics are not a foreign language or some strange uncharted territory. At i-Orthodontics, Dr. Idiculla and his orthodontic dream team are prepared with today’s latest and greatest orthodontic treatment options for adults. Our mission is to help every patient, at any age, to live life smiling.

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