Smile Gallery

Tatum R

  • Phase 1 treatment.
  • Ten months.
  • Upper expander and front braces.
  • Lower lip bumper.
tania r full Smile Gallery
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  • Beforetania r before Smile Gallery

Maria N

  • Full treatment.
  • Eighteen months.
  • Invisalign Teen
  • Elastics.
nelson girls full Smile Gallery
  • Aftermaria n after Smile Gallery
  • Beforemaria n before Smile Gallery

Kate L

  • Full treatment.
  • Sixteen months.
  • Upper and lower braces.
  • Vivera retainers.
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  • invisalign Smile Gallery

    Invisalign Denver

    i-Orthodontics’s Denver Invisalign services help you straighten your teeth without unsightly traditional braces.

    invisalign teen Smile Gallery

    Invisalign Teen Denver

    i-Orthodontics’s Denver Invisalign Teen services are custom tailored to your teen’s needs to create beautiful smiles.

    insignia Smile Gallery

    Insignia Denver

    Clear aligners provide a truly unnoticeable treatment option. Insignia aligners fit snugly over teeth to gradually straighten them.

  • rmo Smile Gallery

    Rocky Mountain Orthodontics

    RMO is an innovator in the orthodontic market, pushing the practice to new frontiers and setting the standard in quality.

    ortho accel Smile Gallery

    Ortho Accel

    Ortho Accel’s AcceleDent System applies gentle microvibrations for faster tooth movement without any adverse effects.

    incognito Smile Gallery

    Incognito Denver

    i-Orthodontics’s Denver Incognito braces procedures allow braces to be worn behind teeth, hidden from view.