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Affordable Denver Invisalign, Incognito, Insignia and More

One of the first questions people tend to have when considering our Denver Invisalign options is, “How much will it cost?” The good news is that most individuals are pleasantly surprised to discover that the cost of Invisalign treatments are usually comparable to the cost of traditional braces.

Our other options are affordable as well. As a premier orthodontist in Denver, our goal is to provide you with exceptional and affordable treatment that fits your budget. We offer interest-free financial payment plans and competitive outside financing. Please ask us about financing options, flexible spending accounts, credit card payments and bank drafts. Once Dr. Idiculla has given his treatment recommendation at your complimentary new patient exam, our Treatment Coordinator will discuss the treatment fee and all the features it includes. We never want finances to be an obstacle to obtaining the beautiful smile you deserve.

Theresa N

Theresa N: an actual i-Orthodontic patient


If your insurance covers orthodontic treatment, you will receive the benefit of reduced personal costs. Many insurance policies have a lifetime orthodontic benefit that is distinct from regular dental insurance. Remember that insurance policies vary, and we will review your insurance to determine the appropriate course of action. Once our team starts to transform your smile, we will gladly accept and file insurance assignment on your behalf to make sure your benefits are maximized.